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SAVE $100 - MarketingMag Discounted Registration

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$695.00 - On Sale

RRP $795.00

Marketing magazine discounted early bird rate to David Meerman Scott's 'Real-Time Marketing & PR Masterclass'.

In the Real-Time marketing & PR Master Class, David will show you with many examples how to reach your audience and will cover the following topics:

1. Marketing Before the Web

Discover the latest rules of web marketing
Learn how to reach every-smaller slices of a market with targeted messages buyers want to hear.
2. Buyer Personal and Reaching your Buyers Directly

Avoid the biggest mistakes companies make online
Understand the critical thinking required to reach your buyers
Create marketing content for your buyers
3. You Are What You Publish

Create a compelling website with content-rich pages targeted to your buyer personas
Reach your customers through blogs, online videos, e-books, social networking including Twitter, Facebook and others
Understand the impact of Search engine marketing
4. Creating a World-Wide Rave
Nobody cares about your products (except you!).

Learn how to create triggers that get Millions of people to spread your ideas and share your stories
Drive the world to your (virtual) doorstep
5. Real-Time Marketing and PR

Learn the ways smart organisations are using the power of real-time strategies to build revenue, spread ideas and interact with potential buyers around the world.
6. Develop an Online Marketing Strategy

Learn how to combine all these new tools into a simple, practical strategy that you can apply to your business and unlock the full potential for reaching your buyers directly.

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